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From Jan Bartel <>
Subject Re: Security stuff
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 10:56:24 GMT

>>>2. Authorization: JACC permissions checks by the servlet container.
>>This is going to require quite a bit of work deep in the internals of
>>Jetty to replace Jetty's tempest-tested security code, and therefore
>>some thorough analysis of what should be done, the best way to do it
>>and the implications for Jetty.
> I've been reading the Jetty code, a real pleasure BTW, it seems that the
> security handlers, authenticators, and realms are tightly integrated
> with the server and context.  A looser coupling would allow users to use
> the same Jetty security paradigm that is currently in place, while
> allowing one to snap in JACC if one so desired.
The realms are pretty loosely coupled as are the form/basic etc 
authenticators, but the actual implementation of the servlet spec 
security checking is, I agree, pretty fundamental to the context.

> I've been working on this and will have some preliminary patches in a
> few days.  I am eager to hear your opinion.
Great! I look forward to it.

>>Not that it makes any difference whatsoever to the need to implement
>>it for Geronimo, but for my 2c, I think as a spec, JACC is a waste of
>>space: too detailed and addresses the wrong problem.
> I am curious to know what J2EE security problem is out there that you
> think still needs to be addressed.  Just interested.
I just meant that I would rather see specifications that mandate an API 
rather than an implementation.

> IIUC, JACC allows third party enterprise security packages to be snapped
> into J2EE servers.  There are already third party vendors out there.
I do see that JAAC brings web.xml based security into line with standard 
java permissions and therefore allows for pluggable security impls, but 
there is something about the spec that doesn't sit right with me, but I 
don't know that I can articulate right now. My reservations might be 
being influenced by the fact that I find the spec to be written in an 
impenetrable style.


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