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Subject Re: current or near-term support for JSR 77, 88, 160
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 17:50:06 GMT

On 14 May 2004, at 16:32, Patrick Mueller wrote:
> I'm interested in finding out how I'll be able to talk to Geronimo at 
> a management-type level from an external client in the current/near 
> term.  I think JSR 77 and 88 appear to be the 'standard' way to do 
> this.
> JSR 77 seems kind of kind of yucky in that it requires I talk through 
> an EJB, which will require plenty-o-code in my client that wants to 
> talk to Geronimo (however, I'm a noob in the J2EE space; perhaps the 
> MEJB can be accessed via WS or something else (RMI?)).
> JSR 88 seems to imply that Geronimo will supply some code my client 
> can use.
> And then, there might be stuff you are doing above-and-beyond, like 
> JSR 160 (or any sort of remote interface to JMX).  I noticed that when 
> I start 1.0M1, I get the titilating line logged:
> [TcpTransportServerChannel] Listening for connections at: 
> tcp://localhost:61616
> Who is listening on the other end of this port?

Other JMS connections might try connect to it - its defined in the 
j2ee-server-plan.xml in the assembly module.

> BTW, I'm glad you managed to work '666' into the port number.  Always 
> easy to remember. <grin/>

Just seemed an easy number to remember :). The 61 part actually came 
from me reminiscing about a 6-1 victory over my football team's rivals 
after the rival team just won the league :)


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