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From "Hamilton Verissimo de Oliveira (Engenharia - SPO)" <>
Subject Re: Reusing connections from JTA transactions
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 13:58:08 GMT
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De: David Jencks []

> There is something wrong somewhere.  Can you locate the code in the  
> jdbc wrapper you are using that calls close on the oracle connection  
> and get a stack trace for when it is called?

I can, but I'm sure that is not being closed prematurely. I'm using
classes12_g.jar driver. I already exchange a message with an Oracle dev
asking why, for example, after the enlist the next call to getConnection
will throw "Connection Closed". That leads me to think Oracle driver has its
own personality :-)

> In the current openejb jdbc wrapper, closing a connection handle does  
> not close the underlying connection.

Yup. I made a few test cases trying to reproduce the situation. I tested
with Oracle and HSQL. Didn't have success. Test cases passed, the my
application fails.

> Is there some chance that you have obtained the underlying Oracle  
> connection and have closed it by mistake?

This is almost impossible. The connection is being created by the stack of
Connection interceptors and JBDC-JCA bridge. I don't have access to the
underlying connection...

I'll keep digging.


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