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From "hbaxmann" <>
Subject AW: AW: Changes to OpenEJB interceptor stack
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 08:20:38 GMT
> > I would vote for establishing an identity interceptor as 
> the first in 
> > the message flow. He is marking the call with the identity of the 
> > caller. So one is able, even in threadlocal, to identifying 
> who is in.
> > 
> > absolutely wrong??
> > 
> If I understand you correctly, I think that is what we are 
> doing, except 
> we don't use an actual ThreadLocal, we associate the Subject with the 
> thread's AccessControlContext.
> The question is where this should happen and how do we ensure 
> it is done 
> for all invocations including callbacks.

Yes, this is what i am asking for since the beginning of struggling with the
java language namespace nightmare: there should be a _concept_ of having a
clearly defined, independend identity system of java class instances. We
already have one for the jar's: singed jars. The instance per JVM have one
too, so we have to have it extended for remote usage, added the identity of
the surroundig whatever-you-call-it-maybe-container. Here comes signatures
in view: the ID could be the SHA-1 of the signature+JVMClassInstanceId.
Handled similar to URLStreamHandlerFactory: once-per-jvm.

just an idea ...

<I know, i couldn't express myself as well as it should be! Lack of english


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