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From "hbaxmann" <>
Subject AW: AW: service-cache project
Date Sat, 29 May 2004 18:24:07 GMT
Hi Matt,

> >>  * Rich "thick" client - a.k.a swing.
> >>  * Rich web client (build on top of what the web console 
> already is * 
> >> Extensible/Plugin architecture
> >
> > * Rich "thick" server - a.k.a embedded Eclipse RCP
> > * Rich "thin server - a.k.a. J2ME CDC
> What do you mean by a "thick" and "thin" servers? RCP?
> As regards to eclipse, I'd like to wait for the API to 
> completely settle in for 3.0 before buiding that, and on the 
> same note, we're gonna need an emacs-mode for this too :-D.
> If I understand what you're saying correctly, you mean have 
> the ability to run this tool from a PDA (or even a powerful 
> enough phone?).  That's an interesting idea, and I really 
> really like it. -Matt

The reading of your list injects me this two items :)
In my everyday work, I have the strong feeling, that the differenc between
'Server' and 'Client' means more the people who are developing for both
sides than the functionality or structure of things that headless or
multiheaded provide help. Yes, this sounds philosophical - but it isn't.

By "thick" server is meant a thin service container (J2EE ??) with rich,
flexible, dynamic behavior and the thick part, which could rely on this
services. The thick blood maybe a GUI like the
RichClientPlatform, maybe a document machine like the headless OpenOffice

Task: Deploy the RichClientPlatform on geronimo and let take it
part in a cluster.

Thin Servers are simply specialized in doing something dependend on a thick
one !? Thats why _CDC_ not CDLC or ugly bunches of Profiles ;-)

Task: certify J2ME CDC platforms, like J9 on PocketPC2003, for Geronimo.

So thick Server and thin Server are as synonym as Client and Server, IMHO.

Regarding emacs: I'm not talking about OSs :-) Regarding eclipse: I am not
talking about editors or IDEs :-) 

shed this light on my 'idea' ?


> -- 
> Matthew Kurjanowicz
> CoC Undergraduate TA - CS 1050A - Spring 2004
> BSCS/BSDMTH Degree Candidate

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