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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject RE: Hot deployment
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 11:06:43 GMT

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> From: Jeremy Boynes []
> Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 8:27 PM
> To: Geronimo-Dev
> Subject: Hot deployment
> Quick summary of a conversation between dblevins and I on
> Although the infrastructure is there, we currently don't support hot
> deployment as there is no way of notifying the kernel to install/load
> new Configuration.
> We currently do cold deployment by pointing the deployer and the
> at the same ConfigurationStore - this works, but is not very safe as
> store does not support concurrent access. To avoid that, you need to
> stop the server to do deployment.
> To allow hot deployment, there are a few options:
> 1) Use MBean remoting to invoke the appropriate GBeans in a running
>     server to cause it to install and load a new configuration. This
>     should be trival if MBean remoting works.
> 2) Provide a servlet that allows a CAR to be posted to the server and
>     which uses the GBeans locally to install/load the new config. This
>     is firewall friendly but requires a web container
> 3) Use the JSR77 MEJB to invoke the GBeans. This would only require
>     EJB container and MEJB, but may eat memory as the CAR would need
>     be passed in a EJBInvocation.
> 4) A variant of 2 and 3 where the servlet receives the CAR in a POST
>     and streams it to local disk, then uses the MEJB to install it.
>     Avoids having to talk raw JMX but other than that seems clunky.
> 5) Allow deployer and server to have concurrent access to a config
>     store and send the commands over JMX Remoting, HTTP, EJB-RPC or
>     whatever.
> None of these are particularly hard to do - any preferences?
> Irrespective of which of these we pick, the only change to the
> seems to be an additional --distribute option that takes the URL of
> target server e.g.
> java -jar deployer.jar
>      --distribute http://server/installer
>      --module app.ear
>      --plan plan.xml
> or the equivalent ant/maven task.
> Can someone give us a quick update on where JMX Remoting is with the
> network transport (not RMI) ?

What JMX Remoting are you speaking of?


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