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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Maven 1.0rc2 now works
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 19:10:29 GMT
I have fixed our problems with maven rc2 and now our build works with 
both rc1 and rc2.  The problem were:

o Installation of our logging code, because Bootstrap was referencing 
CommandLine (and command line installs our logging system in a static 
block).  The resolution was to move the manifest code (the only code 
neede by bootstrap) to a new class CommandLineManifiest.

o Installation of our xmlbeans maven plugin stopped working, which was 
cause by a change in the maven code that locates plugins.  I added code 
to install the plugins directly, but I am checking with brett on the 
proper way to install a plugin.

If you do update to maven rc2, you may have to blow away your local 
maven repository.  You may also have to run the build twice before 
getting the build to complete as rc2 seems to be more touchy the rc1.


  * Dain Sundstrom
  * Partner
  * Core Developers Network

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