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From "Bordet, Simone" <>
Subject RE: Hot deployment
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:12:19 GMT

> Dave and I are in the process of placing a layered pluggable 
> protocol stack underneath Hiram's code.  It allows for a lot 
> of nifty features such as Kerberos via SASL or GSSAPI; we 
> also want to put xinetd functionality in.  If I read Jeremy's 
> email correctly, it is this that he is referring to.

Guys, are you all discussing these issues via IRC ?
I ask because the activity of the mailing list seems quite low to me, but being behind firewalls...

It would be interesting at least to read the emails, if not partecipating as well.

Maybe I am unaware of another -easily reachable- communication channel ?

> For remote JMX, MX4J has a perfectly good implementation and 
> I think that we should use it as is.  Are people thinking 
> about using the Geronimo network stack to support remote JMX? 
>  It is not clear to me what the advantages are of doing this.

Yes, that is not not clear to me as well.



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