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From Adam Fowler <>
Subject RE: WIKI user section...
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 11:07:48 GMT
OK I'll start:-

Project questions:

1. What is Geronimo?
 - The usual as on geronimo incubator page
2. Why should I use Geronimo instead of A.N.Other-AppServer?
 - full compliance etc.
3. Why does geronimo exist?
 - motivation behind original developers
4. Can my company use Geronimo? Are there any restrictions?
 - Usual apache license stuff
5. How is Geronimo designed? Do I need to learn lots of custom config stuff?
 - Abstraction between service providers and config files perhaps
 - Easy config steps (See my addition to WishList, no.20)

Admin questions:

1. How do I get started installing Geronimo?
 - i.e. from pre-built download .tar.gz eventually(?)
2. How do I add additional services such as Tomcat/OpenEJB/OpenJMS etc.?
3. What services does Geronimo come with built in?
 - Misleading at the moment I know. Any thoughts on what will be included
eventually to provide Servlet/EJB/JMS/OtherAPIHere? And can we/are we
distributing them?
4. How can I implement Security constaints/roles/authorisation?
5. Are there any steps I need to do to make Geronimo more secure? 
 - Akin to disable access to 8080 in Tomcat, but for Geronimo stuff

App developer/deployer questions:

1. Are there any special config steps I'm likely to need, and how do I do
 - Thinking CMP config, JMS config etc. here
2. I have an EAR file, how do I deploy it?

Geronimo developer questions (for separate FAQ?):

1. How do I get involved etc. (and for others currently on Geronimo
incubator page)
2. How do I get the latest version? -> BuildingAndRunning
3. I want to create an installation binary for MyFaveOS, any advice?
 - env vars
 - contributing binaries/installers to project
4. What on Earth is a GBean? Why are they different from MBeans?

Hope that's a good enough start!?! 8o)


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From: Siva []
Sent: 20 April 2004 11:34
Subject: Re: WIKI user section...


 For the FAQ section,we can probably discuss the questions on the mailing
list and consolidate the answers.Later this can be added to the WIKI page.
This way,we could all participate and arrive at a better FAQ.



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