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From Adam Fowler <>
Subject WIKI user section...
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 09:24:10 GMT
Hello all,

Does anyone think it would be a good idea to collect the "how to do x with
geronimo" stuff, along with future admin oriented setup and app developer
oriented config stuff into a section on the main WIKI page called "User

"How to run petstore" is an obvious example, but I thought it might be an
idea to have a special user oriented area for less technical info about app
deployment etc. for app developer weenies like myself. I'm perfectly willing
to do the work and create the area and some placeholders for obvious topics
we'll want to cover eventually.

Alternatively, are we going to have a user/admin oriented docs section on
the website (I've noted the one at ) to hold a full install guide as
opposed to a per module guide?

Also it looks like this user section could do with an FAQ page. Shall I
knock one up with some simple questions so people in the know can answer
them when they've got a moment?

Alternatively I could create a UserManual WIKI page thats not linked form
the frontpage for now to show what I mean?

Is this ok with everyone?

Thanks chaps,



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