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From <>
Subject Re: Maven 1.0rc2 now works
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 07:13:11 GMT
Hi Dain, Jacek

> Dain Sundstrom wrote:
> > I have fixed our problems with maven rc2 and now our build works with 
> > both rc1 and rc2.  The problem were:

agree, I try it on winXP sp1 jdj1.4.2_02-b03 maven rc2

> ...
> > If you do update to maven rc2, you may have to blow away your local 
> > maven repository.  You may also have to run the build twice before 
> > getting the build to complete as rc2 seems to be more touchy the rc1.

hm I had to run three times ;-)

( Perhaps it's good to mention that during JUnit tests it's better to disable all firewall
software on win or linux workstations to run the remote tests successfully )

But the build works than fine!

> File...... file:/c:/projects/geronimo/maven.xml
> Element... maven:reactor
> Line...... 180
> Column.... 27
> Unable to obtain goal [default] -- 
> file:/C:/projects/geronimo/etc/maven.xml:50:41: <attainGoal> No goal 
> [java:jar-resources]
> Total time: 19 seconds
> Finished at: Wed Apr 07 00:44:54 CEST 2004
> I can't build Geronimo and can't find the answer to my problem. What's 
> the solution?

hm strange on winXP everything works fine yesterday for me

BUT perhaps the SOLUTION is in

maven.xml of the deployment module (and not only this module).
It contains a namespace declaration for xmlbeans like

<project default="default"

I think the problem is in  

xmlns:x m l beans




The spec ( says, that all sequences of  x m l in
namepsaces are _PERHAPS_ reserved and a parser _CAN_ throw an error if such a sequence occurs.

Do you use a parser which is namespace aware and Dain not?

Ant 1.6 works now namespace aware too (

If you agree that this is the problem i will figure out which modules are affected and submit
some bugs to jira.

I hope this helps.


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