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From David Blevins <>
Subject Release Tasks
Date Sun, 25 Apr 2004 00:28:09 GMT
As we prepare for cutting a release, we need to get JIRA cleaned up
and populated with enough data to generate release notes and give
people an idea of what is here and what is to come in future releases.

All Committers, please:

 1. Update any open items in JIRA.  Close anything no longer relavent
    to the current state of Geronimo or related components (Jetty,

 2. Add a couple 'New Feature' items on what is supported in anything
    you wrote.  Use "New Feature" as the issue type and "1.0M1" in the
    'Affects Versions' and 'Fix Versions' sections.

 3. Add as many 'Task' items as you can think of for what is not yet
    supported or implemented in any code you worked on.  Use "Task" as
    the issue type and "1.0M1" in the 'Affects Versions' section.

Of all these, number 3 is the *most* critical; we want to give users
as much information on what is not there so they don't spend forever
trying to get it work.
 1. We don't want people missinformed on what is not supported and
    implemented and frustrated with us because they had to learn the
    hard way.

 2. We *do* want people to download Geronimo and give us feedback on
    what we say should work, but does not.

Number 2 will never happen if people get bit by number 1.

I have added a few items to get us started.


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