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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Problem with DeploymentContext
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 15:53:13 GMT
This should work with a read only systems such as a CD only computer or 
embedded system.  The trick is the deployment phase happens on a 
general purpose computer, and the output of that would be burned on the 
CD or flashed on the embedded system.  This is one of the big 
advantages of the two phase deployment of JSR-88.


On Apr 2, 2004, at 4:56 PM, David Jencks wrote:

> The deployment construction phase, of which this temp file usage is a 
> part, already won't work without file system write access -- one of 
> the alternatives to temp files is to try to get a URLClassloader to 
> read from the partially written configuration archive file.  However I 
> think running a pre-configured geronimo instance off read only media 
> ought to work.
> david jencks
> On Friday, April 2, 2004, at 02:11 PM, Jacek Laskowski wrote:
>> David Jencks wrote:
>>> Why would we want to maintain the code for such a classloader?
>> I agree with the arguments. There's a lot of work to do and maintain 
>> afterwards. However, do we consider to run Geronimo on a read-only 
>> media, e.g. CD-ROM? If so, the temp file solution won't work anymore.
>>> david jencks
>> Jacek

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