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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Feature request...
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 15:38:26 GMT
	I think the most spec-compliant way to do this would be to fire up
a JSR-88 deployment tool, fully configure the module, and then save the
deployment plan to a file.  Then we could provide a (fully portable) Ant
task that would deploy a module given the xAR and saved deployment plan.  
(Note that with an EAR, there's one deployment plan file that contains all
the server-specific info for all the modules in the EAR.)

	There is no portable way for you to generate this deployment plan 
besides interacting with JavaBeans and manipulating their properties -- in 
other words, behaving as a JSR-88 tool.  However, given that our 
deployment plan is XML-based, it can certainly be done in a
Gernonimo-specific manner.  I'm not sure whether XDoclet could handle 
packing all the deployment info for all the modules in an EAR into one 
file, but we might also provide a Geronimo Ant task to assemble an EAR 
deployment plan out of a bunch of server-specific DDs.

	Also, note that the J2EE spec allows you to override the 
module-specific DDs by specifying an alternate location for them in the 
EAR DD.  It wouldn't be inconceivable for Geronimo to support this sort of 
thing too, but it doesn't seem necessary if the JSR-88 scenario is 


On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> The relevant spec here is JSR88 which specifies an API for distributing 
> a module that takes two parameters: the raw module (EAR) and a 
> deployment plan (typically an XML document).
> Our deployment tool follows this - you pass the location of the EAR and 
> the plan on the command line and it installs in to the server.
> I think this fits with your scenario - you could use velocity or some 
> other template mechanism to modify the plan during installation and then 
> use the command line deployer to install into the server.
> I'd planned to document the deployer more when we had all the module 
> deployers done (waiting for EAR and EJB) - if you'd like to help out 
> there please jump in.
> --
> Jeremy
> Adam Fowler wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > I've been writing an installer these last couple of days and have come to
> > realise something about the way JBoss works.
> > 
> > I'm creating an EAR and in an IdealWorld[tm] I would like to just copy
> > this straight to an app server directory. I do have a problem, however, in
> > that the installer needs to modify some JBoss specific files for the
> > datasource. Guess where this resides? Rather intelligently inside the EJB
> > JAR which in turn is inside the EAR archive. So basically, I will have to
> > unpack the EAR and JAR on the fly, modify the settings file, and re jar
> > the lot back up.
> > 
> > Thus I request that you please (please PLEASE!) come up with a system
> > where such server-specific configuration is in the top EAR file wherever
> > possible. So have a meta-inf/geronimo directory or the like. That'd be
> > great. Really great. (Not that this problem bugs me, noooooooo)
> > 
> > What do the specs say on this point anyway?
> > 
> > Also, can we have a more authoritative list of what is being developed and
> > what needs doing/more help on? And yes, I would be volunteering to update
> > the docs to get this done (as opposed to being a complete whiner), but I
> > do need the info to start with. 8o)
> > 
> > Thanks all,
> > 
> > Adam.
> > 

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