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From Brendan W.McAdams <>
Subject Re: Preparing for a release
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 13:28:14 GMT
Sounds great ... I can help wherever needed; I'd be willing to take a 
stab at some documentation (GBeans I could probably do if you like) if 
nobody objects.

I have a pretty reasonable grasp of GBeans and if people are available 
for questions I can bang things out fairly quickly.

Are we still looking at the Ides for release?

For the record, even though they aren't slated for this release, I have 
the following on my plate which I'm slowly crawling along on; I figured 
people might like to keep track fo what's outstanding from everyone:
1) Helping dain finish up logging services [add support for more 
appenders, add support for java.logging.* and possibly other log 
2) Look over EJB-QL code
3) Identity Definer code for CMPs
4) EJBTimerService.
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