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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Geronimo/jsr 109 ws-at impl
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 20:36:10 GMT

On Monday, March 22, 2004, at 11:30 AM, Dasarath Weeratunge wrote:

> Hi all,
> Will Geronimo be using TyRex as its transaction manager?

Definitely not.
> For the jsr 109/ws-at impl, what we plan to do is write necessary axis
> handlers and any other wrapper objects for
> org.omg.CosTransactions.Coordinator etc. (for bridging) and hook up 
> these
> axis handlers with the transaction manager in the same way portable
> interceptors are used with RMI/IIOP. This should work for both in 
> coming
> (ws->ejb) and out going (ejb->ws) invocations.
> As a first step, I'm trying to setup a tm at the client end (a simple 
> Java
> program) and invoke an ejb with a tx-context. I also do NOT want to 
> use any
> container specific scripts (like the appclient of Sun J2EE RI) at the 
> client
> end since these could cause problems later when trying to integrate 
> with
> axis.
> Can u guys suggest a tm and a J2EE container for this. I tried 
> and JOTM/JBoss and neither seems to work.

Can you please explain how many vms are involved in your scenario and 
where the transaction control resides? If you are running axis in a 
different vm from geronimo can you please explain why? If you need to 
import transactions I suggest you consider using the jca 1.5 mechanism 
using WorkManager/ExecutionContext and XATerminator.  This is already 
implemented and appears (with limited unit testing) to work.

Propagation of transactions between  vms is not yet implemented but 
will (IMO) make use of the networking layer and the same transaction 
import facilities as the jca 1.5 implementation.

> I was able to build TyRex1.0.1 on jdk1.4 after fixing some jdbc 
> classes. Has
> anyone had a look at its (TyRex's) OTS impl? (the tyrex.corba package) 
> Does
> it work at all? for example tyrex.corba.Current uses ORBInitInfo 
> object even
> after ORB initialization which is illegal. Is there a later version in 
> which
> these have been fixed?

I do not recommend tyrex.

david jencks
> Thanks
> Dasarath

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