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From jerome moliere <>
Subject Re: Feature request...
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 13:13:13 GMT
Adam Fowler wrote:

>Hello all,
hi adam & others too :)

>I've been writing an installer these last couple of days and have come to
>realise something about the way JBoss works.
>I'm creating an EAR and in an IdealWorld[tm] I would like to just copy
>this straight to an app server directory. I do have a problem, however, in
>that the installer needs to modify some JBoss specific files for the
>datasource. Guess where this resides? Rather intelligently inside the EJB
>JAR which in turn is inside the EAR archive. So basically, I will have to
>unpack the EAR and JAR on the fly, modify the settings file, and re jar
>the lot back up.
>Thus I request that you please (please PLEASE!) come up with a system
>where such server-specific configuration is in the top EAR file wherever
>possible. So have a meta-inf/geronimo directory or the like. That'd be
>great. Really great. (Not that this problem bugs me, noooooooo)
>What do the specs say on this point anyway?
I think that J2EE doesn't say a lot of things for files not covered by 
the specs taht is to say (for the big picture) : web.xml et ejb-jar.xml
proprietary information is required (by the specs because they don't 
cover runtime config for the pool & much more subjects)  but nothing is 
written about how & where they should located...
You used the JBOSS way but JONAS (objectweb) use a different approach...

>Also, can we have a more authoritative list of what is being developed and
>what needs doing/more help on? And yes, I would be volunteering to update
>the docs to get this done (as opposed to being a complete whiner), but I
>do need the info to start with. 8o)
my advice would be to use a meta deployment approach using xdoclet & 
Attributes Oriented Approach it's the best way to be portable & to be 
concentrated on your job & not  satelitte stuff :)

>Thanks all,

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