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From Thomas Hawtin <>
Subject Re: JAM: Java API for Metadata
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 18:22:55 GMT
Patrick Calahan wrote:
> (Actually, this last restriction may be removed if I ever get around to 
> finishing my own java source parser - when that's done, you actually 
> will be able to deal with 175 annotations under 1.4 if you have the 
> original source files  available.  For that matter, it's not too hard to 
> imagine writing something that parses the 175 annotations out of a 
> classfile while running 1.4 - it's just not clear to me that anyone will 
> have a need to do this).

Perhaps shomething could be done in conjunction with retroweaver 
( That will generate 1.4 classes from 1.5, without the 
need for source parsing. Keeping the annotations in standard 1.5 form 
would appear to be convenient for most people.

Tom Hawtin

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