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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Is there any document about how to deploy components in Geronimo?
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 09:51:16 GMT
cwyou wrote:
> As the page,, shown, Nova 
> already can be deployed in Geronimo.


I'd say the page is slightly outdated, and requires some checks whether
or not it reflects the current state of Geronimo.

> Not only EJB container but Petstore can already be deployed in Geronimo 
> as the wiki page says.

That's definitely not true. See the first sentence on that page:

"Due to the ongoing architectural refactorings the page is completely
outdated unless Geronimo last_geronimombean version is used."

So, I'd say it was possible at one time, but not at the moment.

> So, my question is:
>     Is there anyone know how to deploy Nova and Petstore in "current" 
> Geronimo. 

It's not yet possible to deploy PetStore. As soon as it becomes doable
the page will reflect it (I can assure you that as soon as *I* know
about the possibility I'll update it).

>     Or, is there any tutorial or other documentation that talks about this.

None that I know of.

> Another possibility is :
>     Is there any way to get the previous snapshot of Geronimo code so 
> that I can deploy Nova and petstore into Geronimo according to what wiki 
> pages say.

Yes, there is. Check out the sources from the 'last_geronimombean'
branch. It's something like:

cvs co -r
last_geronimombean -d last_geronimombean incubator-geronimo

and follow the steps outlined in the aforementioned pages.


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