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From Brian Deacon <>
Subject Build strangeness and file permissions
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 05:50:27 GMT

Running a clean build (went through all the usual permutations and it
doesn't seem to matter...)

Maven wants to put
into my

The build bugs out because I didn't have permissions to write to that
directory... Giving myself write permissions seems to have made the
build happy (at least it's busily crunching away right now).

Anywho... my question is... is it expected that the above file land in
maven's plugin land, or is this a script hiccup?

(Ah, build just finished... web console listening on 8080... so all
appears well.)

Pardon my maven ignorance or I'd try to hunt down the issue
myself... but is the xmlbeans plugin supposed to go out to maven, or
just stay inside the incubator-geronimo tree?



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