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From J Aaron Farr <>
Subject Use of Sun's JMS package for a Merlin JMS Facility
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 21:32:16 GMT

With all the recent licensing discussion, I figured I'd better ask first before
continuing any development...

I've been thinking about starting work on the JMS facility for Merlin based on
my MDS design over at PheonixJMS.  One issue though:  I need to use the
javax.jms package.  This package is licensed under Sun's Binary Code License
Agreement which means, AFAIK, we cannot host the library in our CVS or on our
webservers (ie- in a repository).

However, Geronimo has a "geronimo-spec-jms" jar that is available over at [1] which also contains the javax.jms package.  I assume they have
some sort of agreement from Sun which allows this packaging (seeing that
Geronimo will follow the J2EE spec).  The LICENSE in the jar is an Apache License.

Does anyone know if we can also use these packages?

Is there any other legal option to build this package without requiring each
developer and user to individually download the jms package from Sun?

Ideas are welcome!

  jaaron      <>


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