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From "n. alex rupp" <>
Subject Re: Does Geronimo use tomcat?
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 18:17:34 GMT

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Yoav Shapira writes:

> I'd like a list of things that are missing / problems you ran into /
issues you want addressed in order to get tomcat embeddable within

Two full-blown articles on the topic is forthcoming in the coming weeks.  I want
to take the time and care necessary to convey my various points in the most
positive and constructive way I can.  I'll send a link to this list and to the
Tomcat list when it's published.

> It's safe to say that's possible, as JBoss has been doing it
for a while (and from some off-list discussions, I'm not alone in
thinking that's a competitive advantage for JBoss over Geronimo at this

JBoss does not embed Tomcat.  They bolt it onto the side of their server--this
is not the same thing.  If they say it is, they are either misleading you or
they are honestly wrong.  I know enough about Marketecture to safely say this.
I've also read their source code, and I know how it works.  Again, watch for the
articles ; )

As far as "competitive advantages" go, once people get a taste of Geronimo's
configuration and distribution features, once they understand what IoC-3
Components and GBeans buy them, they're never going to want to develop for
anything else.  Order-of-magnitude performance gains not included, I think the
JBoss server is in serious trouble and I would hate to be holding ten million
dollars of debt on my shoulders riding in *that* boat.  The configuration
advantages alone will challenge the way we think about application development.

> We also have many users who embed tomcat in their own apps, but
as you say that doesn't necessarily reach the same manageability

Yeah, they set the bar really high around here.  I got a couple of nosebleeds
trying to get over it.  I'm sure the JBoss guys'll start seeing similar problems
when they sit down to implement JSR-77.

> No rush, but I'd like to see if we can help you from our side
in making tomcat more "Geronimo-friendly" for lack of a better term.

Absolutely!  Just keep thinking "Dependency Injector Container", "Decomposition"
and "Role Modeling".  I'll get back to you on the details ; )

N. Alex Rupp
President, NRFX Technologies LLC
President, Minnesota Chapter of the International Association of Software

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