I am running a debian linux. I build Geronimo successfully on this platform, except getting some warning messages while building "maven-xmlbeans-plugin". The warning messages are:
>    plugin:deploy:
>        [mkdir] Created dir: /root/.maven/plugins/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV   
>        [unzip] Expanding: /root/incubator-geronimo/modules/maven-xmlbeans-plugin/target/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV.jar into /root/.maven/plugins/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV
>        [echo]
>      Warning: Contents of /root/maven-1.0-rc1/plugins/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV.jar does not match the unpacked contents of /root/.maven/plugins/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV directory.
Although I build Geronimo successfully, I can't run the server. I issue the command
>    maven deployinstallrun
The process failed when executing "deploy:server" goal.
The error messages are:
>    Attempting to download mx4j-SNAPSHOT.jar.
>    Attempting to download mx4j-SNAPSHOT.jar.
>    deployinstallrun:
>    deploy:server:
>        [echo] Processing dependency: geronimo:geronimo-kernel
>        [echo] Processing dependency: cglib:cglib-full
>        [echo] Processing dependency: commons-logging:commons-logging
>        [echo] Processing dependency: log4j:log4j
>        [echo] Processing dependency: mx4j:mx4j
>        [echo] in deploy:server
>    File...... file:/root/.maven/plugins/geronimo-maven-plugin-DEV/
>    Element... j:invokeStatic
>    Line...... 27
>    Column.... 120
>    java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
>    Total time: 7 seconds
>    Finished at: Wed Feb 11 05:32:23 CST 2004
Can somebody tell me how to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot...