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From Ian F. Darwin <>
Subject Empty cvs directory in project root?
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 20:10:30 GMT
In /home/cvs/incubator-geronimo (and in 
/home/cvspublic/incubator-geronimo) there is an empty directory named 
"cvs".  This is harmless on standard UNIX but when e.g., trying to 
checkout under systems that lamentably ignore case (such as Mac OS X on 
an HFS partition),
it creates havoc (Eclipse's CVS totally gags, for example).

You don't normally have a cvs directory under CVS' contrl, AND I notice 
Incubator-geronimo is the only project in all of Apache-dom that has 
such a directory:

$ hostname
$ cd /home
$ echo cvs*/*/cvs
cvs/incubator-geronimo/cvs cvspublic/incubator-geronimo/cvs
$ ls -l cvs*/*/cvs


So I'm guessing that it's an accident.   Can it be removed or renamed, 

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