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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Simplified build
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 08:28:24 GMT
I think I have finally gotten our maven the way we want... simple.

After a cvs update or fresh checkout, this is what you need to do to 

$ maven
$ maven run:server

Thats it.

Now I only tested this on my apple, so if it doesn't work for you, 
please include your os and java version in the post.  Also, make sure 
you are using maven rc1.

If you have built Geronimo before, there will be cruft in your local 
maven repository, so I suggest you either move it to a backup location, 
or just delete it.  Maven also likes to stick the plugin jars in the 
"plugins" directory under in the installed maven directory, and I 
suggest you remove the cruft from there also.  Basically, I just search 
for anything named "geronimo*" under ~/.maven and 
~/maven-1.0-rc1/plugins on my apple (of course the location will be 
different on Windows).

I converted the assembly directory into a module at 
<root>modules/assembly.  The assembly module creates out output 
distribution at <root>/target.  To start the server you can use "maven 
run:server" or "maven debug:server", but using maven to start the 
server disables the our shutdown hooks.  This means that out normal 
clean-up code will not run, which not currently critical, but will 
become critical over time.  The best way to start the server is using 
java directly at the command line as follows:

$ java -jar target/bin/server.jar target/config-store 
org/apache/geronimo/System org/apache/geronimo/Server

One thing to note is we no longer need the geronimo.base.dir system 
variable.  The SystemInfo gbean can now locate the base directory 
automatically.  I hope to get rid of the rest of standard 
command-line-arguments soon.

We also no longer need the separate "maven plugins" step, as the 
plugins are fully incorporated into the main build process.  The trick 
to eliminating this step, was to not run the plugin:install task from 
build.  Instead, we build a normal jar using jar:jar, and then 
explicitly copy that jar to geronimo/plugins/abcd.jar.  A module that 
needs to use the xmlbeans plugins only has to include the following 


Apparently, when the type is "plugin" maven automatically installs and 
loads that plugin.

Good luck everyone,


  * Dain Sundstrom
  * Partner
  * Core Developers Network

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