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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: XMLBeans for DDs
Date Sat, 21 Feb 2004 07:03:39 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:

> 	So I'm trying to run a JSR-88 tool that uses XMLBeans for the J2EE
> DDs against the Geronimo (connector) JSR-88 plugin that also uses XMLBeans
> for the J2EE namespace.  Problem is, the tool doesn't use the same package
> names that the Geronimo plugin does.  And apparently there's some static
> mapping from namespaces to object classes in XMLBeans, because when the
> Geronimo code tries to load a J2EE String, it gets the tool's J2EE String
> class instead of the Geronimo J2EE String class and gets a
> ClassCastException.
> 	It's possible to construct the tool such that there's a separate 
> XMLBeans instance loaded for each of the server plugin and the tool code 
> with some ClassLoader magic.

AIUI we are using the thread's context classloader to load XMLBeans - 
David has already raised that as a issue with the ConfigBuilder's and I 
think this might be the same problem. However, the plugin can't rely on 
the tool behaving properly so we should try and find a way that the 
plugin can get the mapping right on its own. Of course, having our tool 
behave right would help too :-)

> 	It would also be possible to make sure the Geronimo DDs don't use
> or extend any classes from the J2EE namespace (for example, there's
> probably no reason why the field in question couldn't be an XSD String
> instead of a J2EE String).

I think that is too much of a restriction to impose.

> 	It might also be possible to work around this in XMLBeans somehow.
> 	Any preferences or suggestions?
Working around it in the way we use XMLBeans.


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