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From Kristian Köhler <>
Subject XML Parser and the old resolving problem - Parser to system?
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2004 13:33:04 GMT

Yes. again me with the entity resolving problem. ;-)

As discussed on IRC by jboynes and djenks there are ideas to move the 
xml parser (with entity resolving) to the system module.
The current deployment module doesn't need entity resolving anymore 
because the xmlbeans implementation handles this "automatically".

By adding the parser to the system module other modules (for example 
jetty) could use this parser and therefore use the resolver catalog 
"shipped" with geronimo.

As said on ICR there need some modifications to convience all deployed 
modules to use this parser in the system module.

My idea which I posted on Jira (GERONIMO-155) is based on the idea to 
transparently wrap the parser impl the module normally gets when using 
the normal "JDK ParserFactory" way. This parser wrapper could be 
configured with (for example) a special EntityResoler (using catalog 
file) and ErrorHandler (using the geronimo log module). The catalog file 
would be used serverwide which makes life easier IMO.

This aproach solves the "root cause" of the entity resolving problem 
IMO. Every component/ deployed module could use its own parser 
implementation (it is only wrapped) with the corresponding different 
features. No component must be aware of using the right parser (the 
system moudle one). Just use the default lookup mechanism. The entity 
resolving for example could be configured at one place 

Comments, suggestions?


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