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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: [EWS] maven-ized ews module
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 15:56:30 GMT
Guillaume Sauthier wrote:
> Ias wrote:
>>I revised J2eeGeneratorFactory to support full java-xml-type-mappings. Now
>>you can get exactly what you intend with the mapping file. I added your WSDL
>>and JAX-RPC mapping file to ews/src/samples/mapper/google and added a test
>>case to MapperTest. Please check out codes from EWS CVS, run "maven" and see
>>target/generated/samples/mapper/google directory. MyGoogleSearchResult must
>>exist. :-)
>>Thanks very much,
> OK Thanks
> It works great :)
> I'll try to complicate this mapping file :)
> I'm looking at your code.
> I tried to get GenerateTest working. I made a few changes in
> o.a.g.ews.ws4j2ee.context.webservices.server package (lot of
> Node.toString() changed into Node.getNodeValue())!
> After theses changes, GeneratorTest is working. (no more
> FileNotFOundExceptions)
> I also add a JOnASDDWriter which is almost the same as JBossDDWriter ...


Firstly - Great Work !

Secondly - In the light of JBG's recent accusations, we need, as I'm 
sure you realize, to be extremely careful not only, not to put any JBoss 
code into Geronimo, but also not to say anything that might later be 
used to imply that we had. That was how the last fight got started :-)

Do you think you could just post a followup mail, clarifying exactly 
what you put into cvs and demonstrating that whilst it might be 
functionally similar to the JBoss equivalent, because similar 
functionality is required, no cut-n-pasting of code has occurred between 
repositories, or will do so.

Sorry to be a boring politician.


> Can I commit thses changes or are you working on theses files ???
> Regards
> Guillaume

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