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From "Srinath Perera" <>
Subject Re: Idea
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 15:44:44 GMT
Hi all;
Please let me add something,

1)Practically the EJBProvider and the wrapper WS is the same thing (Reason
I decide on the wrapper WS is the understanding that the genarated code is
mora flexible than handle all in the code at ejb provider. (both use
remote interface)

2) I think the Richard concern (which I myself belive to valied) is
acsessing through the Remote interface and want to acsess the EJB using
geranimo internals to solve it.


Note: Please sombody do me a favour if possible (Sorry if this is straight
foward Q ... I am  reading abut maven .. want get answers yet)
1) I am having trouble runing the maven build (I can't afford to download
all the jar on time of build ..will take hours :( ... I have all jar's
locally How can I use it)
2)for the sake of people(including me ) who want to run the maven offline
can we have a alternative build file. I will commit it but prob is am
can't figure out how to do it yet. :(

> Richard,
> Have you seen the code in Axis' EJBProvider?
> (
> We can use that as a starting point to write our own GeronimoProvider if
> we want more control...
> thanks,
> -- dims
> --- Richard Monson-Haefel <> wrote:
>> Hi, I actually had an adapter written up but now I can't find it ...
>> Very weird. Anyway, if memory serves I used the ApacheRpcAdapter
>> (something like that) because this delivered the invocation in the
>> form of that could be easily translated into an Invocation object as
>> used in the Geronimo call stack. I think this is the best way to go,
>> as it lets us introduce the functionality we need for handlers in the
>> Geronimo call stack after the transaction and security interceptors
>> have been called, but before the call in delegated to the bean
>> instance.
>> I'm going on vacation and won't be around next week. I hope this helps
>> ... I'm working off of memory and trying to tie loose ends before I
>> leave (read: in a rush!)
>> Richard
>> --
>> Richard Monson-Haefel
> =====
> Davanum Srinivas -

Lanka Sofware Foundation

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