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From Brian Deacon <>
Subject GeronimoBabylonDictionary
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 15:38:07 GMT

Poking around on the wiki in order to try to buy myself a clue (and
still in the process of catching up on this landslide of a mail list).

Anywho... I'm confused about the GeronimoBabylonDictionary page.
(Yes, it's terribly useful... there aren't a lot of resources for "how
to build a j2ee implementation" out there...)

I made a cosmetic fix on the page and then it occurred to me that this
might be an issue with the Babylon glossary thingamahooha.  Doesn't
sound like the wiki is the "official" repository for that page, but I
don't see the Babylon contents anywhere in the cvs tree... so how does
that work?  I'm guessing that a clue might be found at the website
mentioned ( but that appears to be down.

To sum up: huh?



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