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From "Ias" <>
Subject RE: [EWS] jax-rpc-mapper
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 07:55:28 GMT
> Ias,
> Just checked in a few mods to the jax-rpc-mapper module:
> - Checking in dependent libs.
> - Fix classpaths in build.xml's
> - Fix code to work with latest axis.
> - "ant all" builds everything
> - Fix Clean target

Thanks for your nice work on those. I checked out all the changes and found
it worked fine.

> Notes:
> - Currently ONLY the JAXB-RI stuff works. We need to be able 
> to work with just JaxMe (without needing JAXB-RI)

I'll response to this item at "Status of code in EWS" message thread.

> - Can we please integrate the ws4j2ee and the jax-rpc-mapper 
> into one single source tree with an integrated build (BUT 
> generate 2 jars if you so wish)

I think we can and actually we already have it as "ews" module. I agree to
stop jax-rpc-mapper module and work on the integrated ews module. (Yes, +1


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