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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Idea
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:11:58 GMT
Either I don't understand what you are proposing or you have 
misunderstood the online dependencies for the maven build.

1. Maven automatically downloads jars that the project.xml file claims 
are needed for the build and stores them permanently in a local 
repository.  Once you have them, online access to the jars is no longer 
necessary.  However, due to rapid evolution of Geronimo, the set of 
jars that are required changes often.  You can try to download all the 
required jars by hand and put them in the  local maven repository, but 
I predict you would spend several hours more than maven would.  It is 
also possible that not all the jars listed as required dependencies are 
in fact required.  I haven't thought of a good way to deal with this 

2. Currently, the non-jar online dependencies have nothing to do with 
maven: they are caused by xmlbeans looking for schemas online during 
the build.  Before xmlbeans, there were similar problems with the DOM 
parser.  I'm hoping this problem will get solved soon but do not 
consider it the most critical issue we have at the moment.  xmlbeans v2 
has a solution, and I have asked the xmlbeans team to consider 
backporting the solution to v1.

In any case, having an offline capable build is clearly highly 

david jencks

On Wednesday, February 4, 2004, at 11:56 PM, Mike Kenny - CPX Mngd 
Services wrote:

>> From: Srinath Perera []
>> Note: Please sombody do me a favour if possible (Sorry if this is 
>> straight
>> foward Q ... I am  reading abut maven .. want get answers yet)
>> 1) I am having trouble runing the maven build (I can't afford to 
>> download
>> all the jar on time of build ..will take hours :( ... I have all jar's
>> locally How can I use it)
>> 2)for the sake of people(including me ) who want to run the maven 
>> offline
>> can we have a alternative build file. I will commit it but prob is am
>> can't figure out how to do it yet. :(
> For what it is worth I also believe that there should be an offline 
> means
> of building. Maybe, instead of downloading all of the jars, just 
> download
> a list of required jars with version numbers and/or check sums. Then 
> have
> maven issue warnings for those jars that are out of date.
> Mike

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