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From "cwyou" <>
Subject A warning message while building "maven-xmlbeans-plugin"
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 13:53:41 GMT
Hi everyone:
    I get warning messages while I build the "maven-xmlbeans-plugin" using newest version

        [mkdir] Created dir: /root/.maven/plugins/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV    
        [unzip] Expanding: /root/incubator-geronimo/modules/maven-xmlbeans-plugin/target/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV.jar
into /root/.maven/plugins/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV
      Warning: Contents of /root/maven-1.0-rc1/plugins/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV.jar
does not match the unpacked contents of /root/.maven/plugins/geronimo-maven-xmlbeans-plugin-DEV

And this problem may be the reason that makes the server can't be deployed properly.
I try the previous version of geronimo that is downloaded from cvs a few days ago. That version
doesn't have any warning messages while I build the "maven-xmlbeans-plugin" module and can
run a server.  So, I guess this may be the root of problem. Could anybody tell me how to solve
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