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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: WebDAV ?
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 11:03:49 GMT
[Sorry for this delay.]

Greg Wilkins wrote:
>The HTTP protocol extensions, which are pretty straight forward
>extensions to the HTTP RFC, something that can be implemented
>simply in a servlet.   This should be able to be written (or
>  borrowed) without being dependant on any particular HTTP
I agree.

>A configuration control mechanism that allows content to be
>reliably updated on the server and version controlled.
>I think that this should probably be a very Geronimo specific
>service.   We have to work out what it means to use WEBDAV to
>put content on a geroninmo node - does that mean that we are
>deploying to that node or that we are deploying to that
>geronimo cluster?  Will we delay any WEBDAV acks to the client
>until we know the content has been replicated?
I think that deployments should be transactional. For instance, when 
deploying an EAR to a given cluster, this enterprise archive should be 
running on each node of the cluster. If the deployment is not possible on a 
given node, then it seems to be safe to also fail the deployment on the 
other nodes.

It means that the distribution phase should also be transactional at the 
cluster level. Furthermore, if one wants to allow pinned-deployments, 
deployment on a specific node of a cluster, then it means that one should be 
able to distribute only to a given set of nodes.

Based on these ideas, I think that when distributing a component, one should 
allow the end-user to choose the target nodes and also provide some 
convenience methods to choose all the nodes of a cluster.

>So the architecture that I had in my mind for WEBDAV, was a
>geronimo service that provided a distributed transactional file
>system type semantics.  We would then adapt an existing WEBDAV
>servlet to talk to this service.
I think that I understand what you had in mind.

I will attempt a second try.

Thanks for the inputs,

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