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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject GMBeanEndPoint - ConcurrentModification
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 14:14:43 GMT

I have just checked the new GBean implementation and I do have the feeling 
that there are - potentially - some concurrency issues with the 

If I understand correctly, this proxy implements its own Collection in order 
to solve some previous lifecycle limitations. This Collection returns an 
Iterator directly backed by an Iterator directly backed by the values of the 
endpoint name to proxy Map of CollectionProxy.

Unfortunately, it means that a service can not iterate safely over such an 
Iterator without risking a ConcurrentModificationException under some 
specific race conditions.

For instance, DeploymentController could iterate over its Collection of 
DeploymentPlanner and, at the same time, a DeploymentPlanner could be 
unregistered, which should cause a ConcurrentModificationException.

One could return an Iterator backed by a copy of the actual Map. However, 
this implementation does not work:

Indeed, this Iterator could returned a disconnected ProxyMethodInterceptor 
if at the same time an endpoint is unregistered. One could use the 
GeronimoMBeanEndpointListener feature in order to detect such a case.

However, as endpoints are inter-connected by listening to JMX notifications, 
it is also possible to have a connected ProxyMethodInterceptor, which 
reflects a JMX invocation against an already unregistered MBean.

Hence, I would like to know if the following could fix the previous issues - 
if there are indeed some concurrency issues:

I propose to add a Mediator, whose responsibility is to track synchronously 
(no notifications involved) the availability of components and contact 
synchronously the interested components when a GBean switch from the offline 
to the online state and conversaly.

Could anyone confirm or disprove my concern and approach?


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