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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: WebDAV ?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 22:25:28 GMT

My understanding of WEBDAV is pretty light on, but I do understand
that you can think of it in two parts:

The HTTP protocol extensions, which are pretty straight forward
extensions to the HTTP RFC, something that can be implemented
simply in a servlet.   This should be able to be written (or
  borrowed) without being dependant on any particular HTTP

A configuration control mechanism that allows content to be
reliably updated on the server and version controlled.
I think that this should probably be a very Geronimo specific
service.   We have to work out what it means to use WEBDAV to
put content on a geroninmo node - does that mean that we are
deploying to that node or that we are deploying to that
geronimo cluster?  Will we delay any WEBDAV acks to the client
until we know the content has been replicated?

So the architecture that I had in my mind for WEBDAV, was a
geronimo service that provided a distributed transactional file
system type semantics.  We would then adapt an existing WEBDAV
servlet to talk to this service.


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