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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Logo Selection Process
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:57:39 GMT

The Geronimo PPMC thanks those that have submitted logos for the Geronimo
logo competition, as well as those that have commented and voted on them.

However, after reviewing all of the selections and community preferences,
the PPMC feels that the commitment it has made to respect the name Geronimo
precludes it from accepting some of the logos.

Therefore the PPMC is extending the logo selection process and putting out
a call for a second round of designs.  The following design brief draft has
been compiled to guide this process.  We invite all to update their
submissions or to enter new ones.

The only task of the logo is to be a recognizable visual avatar for the project.
It does not need to convey any message such as functionality, speed, reliability
or anything to the contrary.

The logo must use the copy (text) "Apache Geronimo" or "Geronimo."  The smaller
versions of the logo may use less or no text.

No additional copy, taglines, slogans will be accepted.  Specifically "J2EE" must
not be included in the submitted logo, but an option to add it may eventually
be desirable.

The Geronimo PPMC has undertaken to respect the Geronimo name that we
have adopted for the project.  As such, we wish to avoid any imagery that
is stereotypical or caricatural in nature or that would impart a new
identity to the Geronimo name.

The Apache feather may be included in some or all of the logo sizes, but is
not a requirement.

Logo Size:
The logo submitted should be suitable to be rendered in several sizes.

Submissions must include:

    450x50 banner   image
    100x30 powered  image
    large scale original with any separations or layers available

Optionally submissions may include

    32x32  icon
    16x16  icon
    An ASCII art rendering of the logo.

The logo should be able to be rendered in a web optimised colour palette.
A monochrome and/or black&white versions for printing are also desirable.

The logo, any fonts or images used in it's production and the storage format
must be usable under a license usable by the ASF.  The copyright of the logo
must be assigned to the ASF.

The Process:
The Geronimo PPMC is responsible for the final selection of the logo, but will
of course take into account the opinions and votes from the community.  We
invite the submission or update of logos against this design brief.   Following
that there will be a period of discussion about the submission, ending with the
PPMC giving a short review of each submission.  Designers will then be invited
to do a final update before a community vote takes place, followed by a PPMC vote.

Logos should be submitted by editing the wiki page at

An announcement message should also be posted to

The competition closing will be announced with 1 weeks notice once
community discussion and submissions have reached steady state.

Design Brief Revisions:
The brief itself is open for review by the community, so that if there is
any feedback or suggestions for improving this brief, please post them to
the list.

Greg Wilkins<>             Phone/fax: +44 7092063462
Mort Bay Consulting Australia and UK.

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