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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: Lets finish conversion to GeronimoMBean, or, no more code rot.
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2004 07:26:30 GMT

Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> Is it enough just to have deployer specific vendor DDs e.g. 
> geronimo-jetty.xml and geronimo-tomcat.xml? This would seem like an easy 
> way to separate them out - if you have both DDs and both deployers then 
> the container arbitrarily chooses one.

Nope - firstly it is our intent that 99% of deployments will not
need any geronimo-jetty.xml or geronimo-tomcat.xml files.  The configuration
should be the same for both and the user should not know which implementation
is being used.

Also, the more common usage of this will not be to run a tomcat and a jetty.
The use-case to think about is and administration interface.  If you want an
admin webapp to only be available on a particular interface, then you
would create a webcontainer, give it a connector for that particular interface
and then deploy the admin webapp to that container.

So more often than not the selection of webcontainer will be by name rather
than type.

I guess the solution is to have in the geronimo-web.xml and optional
element to specify the ObjectName of the target container.   However
as we need to do similar things for webConnectors and weblogs and session
managers etc. etc. then it would be good to have a generic geronimo mechanism
that would allow an entity being deployed to provide input into selecting
between multiple possible containers.

So I agree that it is good to have split out the deployer from the container,
but I still would like to see a general solution to this use-case.

I'll have a look at davids checks-ins and see if I have any more concrete


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