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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: Error when running maven
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 22:34:43 GMT
David Jencks wrote:
>I have previously had very similar problems with xdoclet templates  using 
>xdoclet 1.2b2 and solved them only by upgrading the xdoclet  version to a 
>custom build (this is why JBoss ships with its own copy of  xdoclet).  This 
>experience has led me to be extremely wary of  customizing xdoclet, and 
>provides a considerable amount of my  motivation for wanting to eliminate 
>xdoclet from the geronimo build.
As a matter of fact, I did not hear you the first time and I learn the hard 
way that XDoclet has some issues.

>I've checked my copy of the xdoclet template, and it does not appear to 
>suffer from the problem claimed in the stack trace.
>I suspect streams are not being read to the end in the mac jvm due to bugs 
>in xdoclet.
What surprise me is that a custom XDoclet template is been used successfully 
to generate the standard MBean interfaces. However, this template is outside 
a JAR.

Hence, could you please make me a favour? As I do not have a Mac, I can not 
reproduce this issue; however I would like to know if you can override the 
templateFile of the geronimodoclet task in order to have a template outside 
a JAR.

If it still does not work, I assume that I should fix what I have checked 
in: I will remove this module.

Sorry for these problems,

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