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Subject New High Performance Journal/Logger project
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2003 18:12:45 GMT
As an extension to ObjectWeb's JOTM and as a kick-off to the ObjectWeb/
Apache Geronimo collaboration we have created the High-speed ObjectWeb
Logger project - HOWL (described below), hosted by ObjectWeb. Michael
is the primary contact. Michael is in a research/requirements gathering
phase right now, and hoping to generate some quality dialog in the HOWL
mailinglist between interested parties of the ObjectWeb and Apache Geronimo

Join the mailinglist at or contact for more information.


Trent Shue


The following announcement is from Michael:

HOWL - High-speed ObjectWeb Logger

   The ObjectWeb JOTM team has identified a need for a journal facility
   provides functionality not currently available in the standard logger
   implementations (log4j and J2SE standard logger).  Although some of the
   functionality required for a JOTM journal can be accomodated using
   existing logger APIs, there is a need for additional API supporting
   journal features that are required by JOTM.

   A new ObjectWeb project has been established to address the
   journalization/logger requirements of JOTM.  Because the requirements of

   JOTM are common to other projects, we have established a mailing list
   can be used to discuss the requirements and implementation details for
   new project.

   Project name: High-speed ObjectWeb Logger
   Short name: howl
   Mailing List:

   The project is currently reviewing existing logging implementations and
   identifying requirements for the additional journalization features.
   Developers interested in contributing to the discussion are encouraged
   join the new mailing list.

   Michael Giroux,

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