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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: how does one configure a new service?
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 08:05:19 GMT

On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 03:36 PM, Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> <snip>

> Hi,
> It's been quite a long since N.Alex had talked to Jeremy about 
> deploying  a service in Geronimo. I'd like to follow up with the 
> subject and ask how to deploy a service outside deploy directory? What 
> structure does the directory of the service have to have in order to 
> deploy it successfully?

I'm  not entirely sure I understand how you are using all the terms 
here, so hopefully you'll be able to understand at least part of what I 

I'm assuming by "service" you mean "a bunch of mbeans".

There are 2 parts: the code and the mbean deployment info.  These can 
be put together into a ".sar" file (hopefully it doesn't actually need 
this extension any longer" with the deployment info in  
META-INF/geronimo-service.xml.  Alternatively the code and 
*-service.xml file can be deployed separately.

You have to tell the deployment system about these.  By far the easiest 
way at the moment is to put the code in lib and the *-service.xml file 
in deploy, or the *.sar file in deploy.

Alternatively, you can communicate with the deployment scanner,either 
through the web console or via jmx, and tell it directly to deploy your 
package.  You can also configure the deployment scanner to  look where 
you keep your package.

Some examples are the remoting service and the connector service.  I 
believe both of these have the code in lib and the *-service.xml file 
in deploy.

Currently the openejb nova ejb containers are missing their 
*-service.xml file to set up the ejb deployer: we seem to have 
forgotten to commit it at apachecon.  I am testing a couple of things 
with it and should commit it sometime tomorrow.

Hope this answers something related to your question:-)

david jencks
>> N. Alex Rupp (
> Jacek

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