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From Brendan W.McAdams <>
Subject Automatic Key Generation / Getting Involved
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 19:29:19 GMT
I'm probably committing an egregious faux pas here by not digging 
through lists, etc. first but I'm interested in what the plans/status 
are for automatic key generation with CMPs are.

I'm finding with my EJB work both personal (JBoss) and work (Weblogic) 
that the need for support for database level automatic key generation 
(what MySQL calls 'autoincrement' and sybase calls 'identity' for 
example) in CMP 2.x is increasingly important.

JBoss seems to have reasonable support for it; however Weblogic is 
absolutely half-assed about it.  In 6.x-8.x, they only have 'official' 
support for automatic key generation in Weblogic for Oracle and MS SQL 
Server (Although since MS SQL Server is based on Sybase ASE Source 
base, it IS possible to use the SQL Server method with Sybase, albeit 
undesirable).  The 'generic' RDBMS solution Weblogic offers is 
sub-optimal and all in all undesirable - it requires a unique table for 
every CMP, which must be a one column table consisting of an int column 
named SEQUENCE.  There is no way to change this structure, or share one 
key generation table across multiple CMPs.

JBoss seems to have at least a fairly reasonable support for it with 
their unknown-pk facility.  I've gotten this to work with both MySQL 
and PostgreSQL and didn't find it terrible to work with.  I assume it 
has a wider support for other DBs but haven't tried.

Before I digress too far and lose you all; I feel I should get to my 
point:  I am finding more and more that support for DB Generated Auto 
Incremented ID fields is an increasingly necessary feature in CMP.  I'm 
throwing it out there as a strong suggestion to be included in Geronimo 
if it hasn't already been considered.  I'd be more than willing to put 
my elbows in the mud and work on it myself - preferably with help of 

Barring that,  where are other areas I can get involved in helping 
with?  What pieces need code help from someone with a lot of experience 
on the writing EJBs side who feels ready to dive into writing the 


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