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From Andy Barnett <>
Subject Re: Error when running maven
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 20:34:07 GMT
I'm a Mac user.  I tried a clean checkout then ran simply "maven" to  
build and I got exactly the same error as described in the previous  

This test was performed on:
     Mac OS X (10.3.1) [Build 7C107]
     Maven v. 1.0-rc2-SNAPSHOT (checked out and build from CVS just  
yesterday I believe)

I'm in no position to help with this problem, but you asked for other  
Mac users so I hope I've at least helped duplicate the issue.


On Dec 11, 2003, at 12:58 PM, David Jencks wrote:

> I have just done a complete clean checkout of geronimo and deleted the  
> xdoclet 1.2b2 jars from my local maven repository.  The tools module  
> builds fine but the xdoclet test in kernel fails.
> I think it is entirely possible that this is a mac-specific problem.   
> I'd appreciate knowing if other mac users can compile successfully.
> I have previously had very similar problems with xdoclet templates  
> using xdoclet 1.2b2 and solved them only by upgrading the xdoclet  
> version to a custom build (this is why JBoss ships with its own copy  
> of xdoclet).  This experience has led me to be extremely wary of  
> customizing xdoclet, and provides a considerable amount of my  
> motivation for wanting to eliminate xdoclet from the geronimo build.
> I certainly hope that xdoclet 2 does not suffer from the same problems.
> Typical error:
> (XDocletMain.start                   52  ) <<Running XDoclet failed.>>
> xdoclet.template.TemplateException: Error in template file:  
> corresponding </XDtMethod:forAllMethods> not found, line=131 of  
> template file:  
> jar:file:/Users/david/.maven/repository/geronimo/jars/geronimo-tools- 
> DEV.jar!/org/apache/geronimo/tools/xdoclet/resources/geronimo- 
> mbeaninfo.xdt
>         at  
> xdoclet.template.TemplateEngine.handleBlockTag( 
> 824)
>         at  
> xdoclet.template.TemplateEngine.handleTag(
>         at  
> xdoclet.template.TemplateEngine.generate(
>         at  
> xdoclet.template.TemplateEngine.start(

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