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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: interaction of connector framework with interceptor chains
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 04:51:23 GMT
I've committed this work, in both Geronimo and Nova, and would welcome 

It is very likely that these changes break using connections from 
servlets/jsps inside a UserTransaction.
I'm considering various possible solutions for this.

david jencks

On Saturday, December 6, 2003, at 12:08 PM, David Jencks wrote:

> I'm refactoring the outbound ConnectionManager framework to reduce the 
> number of synchronization blocks needed.  In order to do this the 
> connector framework needs to rely on some services to be provided by 
> the interceptor chain framework for the objects using the connections.
> These dependencies are:
> 1. Keeping track of which connection handles are held by which object. 
>  This can be done by storing them in the ejb instance context-like 
> object.
> 2. Keeping track of which managed connections are enrolled in which 
> transaction.  This can be done by storing them in a transaction 
> context-like object.
> This would be completely straightforward if Geronimo only supported 
> one style of interceptor chain, as I could simply code the 
> functionality in to it.
> However, Geronimo is supposed to support multiple ejb containers (as 
> well as other things), and the current ejb container is not even part 
> of Geronimo.
> So, what I'm doing so far is to define interfaces for the support the 
> connector framework needs from the interceptor chain framework, and to 
> provide a "default" implementation in geronimo to show what needs to 
> happen inside the interceptor chain framework (and possibly provide 
> for implementation by delegation in a real interceptor chain 
> framework).
> I'll then implement these interfaces in the OpenEJB Nova interceptor 
> chain framework.  This will have the effect of tying the OpenEJB Nova 
> interceptor chain framework into the Geronimo connection management 
> framework unless we find a way to customize the creation of 
> interceptor stacks in Nova.
> I realize it's probably unclear what I'm talking about without seeing 
> the code, but I wanted to at least mention my approach in case there 
> are strong objections or other ideas on how to proceed.
> There will still be one (or two) synchronized block in the pooling 
> code, when it is necessary to get a managed connection out of the pool 
> (or put it back).  I don't know how to eliminate this, if anyone does 
> please let me know.  This should normally occur only once per 
> transaction, however.
> Thanks
> david jencks

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