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From Jan Bartel <>
Subject [build] Maven repository for Geronimo?
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 21:33:30 GMT
I'd like to suggest that we set up our own Maven repository that we can 
use when building Geronimo.

This is prompted by the fact that I've literally been waiting months for 
the Tomcat 5 jars to be pushed up to the main Maven repository over on 
Ibiblio, and I notice a few other people in the same boat. This is 
hampering our progress, and I also think it isn't fair to put the load 
on the Maven committers to copy up every other project's jars to Ibiblio 
in a timely fashion.

Therefore, I suggest we create a Maven repository on one of the machines 
at Apache to which all of the Geronimo committers have write access so 
we can keep it up to date.

I volunteer to do this and consult with Apache people about an 
appropriate machine.


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