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From "Preston L. Bannister" <>
Subject Re: Why I am opposed to retaining the name Geronimo, and whi I consider this VOTE to be biased.
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2003 03:36:09 GMT
Hiram Chirino wrote:

> [snip]
> The point is that you have caimed that you are not a Native American 
> yet you are arguing for them.  How can you dare to assume you know how 
> a single Native american feels about the subject when you live on the 
> other side of the world?

Better to point out that Geronimo is seen as an admirable character, and 
the choice to use the name is a gesture of respect.

You cannot control or be certain of how others - of whatever group - 
will see your actions. All you can do is act with clear and honest intent.

Sorry to add to an already over-long thread.  Yes, there are all sorts 
of overtones to using this sort of name.  Should we hide from history to 
avoid stirring old memories?  Better to face our history squarely.  
Better to sort out what we find ugly and what we find admirable.  Better 
to trace back and understand what lead to each, if we wish the future to 
be more admirable than not.  My children can claim both groups in this 
particular history as their ancestors, and I do not believe in hiding 
any part of the story.

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