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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject [vote] Project Name
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 02:26:53 GMT
One of things we must do before exiting the incubator is to finally 
decide on the project name. Several people have expressed concern over 
the name and think it should be changed; others have argued to keep it. 
All in all there has been a good deal of discussion on this list, on 
general@incubator and on members@apache - whilst ongoing discussion is 
good, let's not rehash old threads.

I think it is better to resolve this sooner rather than later, and 
propose the following process. Firstly, a simple yes/no vote on keeping 
the name "Geronimo" - majority approval (yeahs >= 3 && yeahs > nays). If 
the result is no, then we have a round of nominations (which will be 
filtered by the PPMC) and then a two-round vote to select a new name.

Binding votes come from Geronimo PPMC members - please reply and update 
the STATUS file in CVS with your vote. For advisory (non-binding) votes, 
please respond to this thread.

[ ] Yes, Keep the name Geronimo
[ ] No, Change the name

Voting will close at 6PM PST on 12/21/03


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