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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: how does one configure a new service?
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 09:57:27 GMT
David Jencks wrote:

> I'm  not entirely sure I understand how you are using all the terms 
> here, so hopefully you'll be able to understand at least part of what I 
> write:-)
> I'm assuming by "service" you mean "a bunch of mbeans".

Exactly. The term "service" is taken from the names of the mbeans and 
files currently available in Geronimo. I don't therefore understand why 
people name the bunch of mbeans - services - if they're not so? How 
would you like to see it named? "A bunch of mbeans" is quite a long name :-)

> There are 2 parts: the code and the mbean deployment info.  These can be 
> put together into a ".sar" file (hopefully it doesn't actually need this 
> extension any longer" with the deployment info in  
> META-INF/geronimo-service.xml.  Alternatively the code and *-service.xml 
> file can be deployed separately.

Got it too.

> You have to tell the deployment system about these.  By far the easiest 
> way at the moment is to put the code in lib and the *-service.xml file 
> in deploy, or the *.sar file in deploy.
> Alternatively, you can communicate with the deployment scanner,either 
> through the web console or via jmx, and tell it directly to deploy your 
> package.  You can also configure the deployment scanner to  look where 
> you keep your package.

I guess you think about etc/boot-service.xml file where one can define 
another location, don't you? I'd just come up with this right after I've 
woken up. I don't remember if I dremt about Geronimo, though ;-)

             <arg type="[]">${geronimo.home}/deploy/,</arg>
             <arg type="long">5000</arg>

By the way, is the comma after the URL required?

> Some examples are the remoting service and the connector service.  I 
> believe both of these have the code in lib and the *-service.xml file in 
> deploy.


> Currently the openejb nova ejb containers are missing their 
> *-service.xml file to set up the ejb deployer: we seem to have forgotten 
> to commit it at apachecon.  I am testing a couple of things with it and 
> should commit it sometime tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to checking it out from CVS. I've been looking for 
it for a few days.

> Hope this answers something related to your question:-)

Yes. I couldn't expect to have it written better! Thanks David.

If I finish a doc about it, where would you recommend to publish it - 
Wiki or CVS?

> david jencks


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