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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: [jsr109] geronimo integration
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 16:04:50 GMT wrote:

> The JNDI Binding, it's to accomplish the client model of the JSR-109 (page
> 55) spec. This sepecified that the ws-references declared in the DD's must
> be resolved generating client classes (stubs, proxys or DI) that implements
> the service interface and this classes must be binded on JNDI.
> In this case, the geronimo classes will giove the DD's to the JSR-109 impl
> and this will return the set of classes that implements the service interface
> and the Port client, and geronimo classes will bind them to JNDI.
> Luis

OK, sorry, I was thinking server side.

The Geronimo EJBContainer (for example) is not really aware of anything 
in the java:comp JNDI Context - it assumes that it has been set up by 
the deployer. The deployer currently does this using the 
ComponentContextBuilder which in turn uses the supplied ReferenceFactory 
to create the appropriate JNDI Reference.

It should be fairly easy to change the ReferenceFactory to add support 
for the service-ref element. Looking at it though, I would guess the 
current impl was thrown together at ApacheCon and may need to be tidied up.


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