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From Rogers Cadenhead <>
Subject Re: Why I am opposed to retaining the name Geronimo, and whi I consider this VOTE to be biased.
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 19:55:24 GMT
On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 12:17:27 -0500, Alvin Thompson wrote:
> i (like everyone, i'm sure) consider myself to be an above-average
> programmer. i have my fingerprints on many projects (do a google
> search on my name), and i really wanted to help on this one. but i 
> have never, ever seen a project so utterly without direction (of its
> rank-and-file members) as this one.

Apologies for extending this discussion further, but your comment 
boggles my mind. Have you checked out the Geronimo code with CVS and 
looked at how much work has been accomplished in the four months since 
the project began? Are you reading the CVS list? As someone else who 
is new to the "Apache way," I'm amazed so much has come together in so 
little time.

It's a shame that all this energy is being expended on the issue of 
the name, but to my thinking that may be a good argument for dumping 
the name Geronimo and moving on. When any number of names would be 
suitable, why buy the grief?
Rogers Cadenhead, on 12/22/2003

P.s. The committers are 15-to-1 in favor of keeping the name Geronimo, 
according to the STATUS file, so this may be resolved soon.

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